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Witamy serdecznie

Jesteśmy grupą zapalonych przyrodników, podróżników i fotografów. Polarystyka to jedno z naszych zainteresowań obok badania i obserwacji życia ptaków i ssaków, geografii oraz fotografii przyrodniczej. Arktyka jest więc miejscem, w którym postanowiliśmy zorganizować kilka wypraw przyrodniczo-fotograficznych. Chcemy przybliżyć wszystkim życie zwierząt tych rejonów. Pokazać jak zachowują się na wolności, w swoim naturalnym środowisku, jakże różnym od świata miejskiego zoo.

Miejscem docelowym naszej pierwszej podróży w 2006 roku będzie Spitsbergen. Jest to największa z wysp archipelagu Svalbard, kraina wiecznej zmarzliny, nocy polarnych, suchego klimatu, niskich temperatur, skalistych wybrzeży i pól lodowcowych, ostoja niedźwiedzi polarnych, reniferów, pieśców, fok, morsów i kilkudziesięciu gatunków ptaków, “Kraj ostrych gór” – jak nazwał go XVI-wieczny podróżnik i odkrywca Willem Barents któremu obca jest jakakolwiek forma turystyki masowej.

Treat erectile dysfunction naturally

When chemical medicines were developed, we forgot about the power of nature. Although our ancestors used natural ingredients to alleviate and treat numerous health diseases and disorders, we replaced these natural remedies with medicines developed in laboratories. Yet by mixing the power of nature with the advanced technology a team of scientists have developed one of the best male enhancement methods: SizeGenetics traction device. This device treats erectile dysfunction in a natural and healthy way and helps the consumers improve sexual performances without experiencing negative or unwanted side effects.

SizeGenetics is the best male enhancement method

sizegenetics naturalThere are many different methods for male enhancement, but not all of them are safe, efficient or affordable. Furthermore, some of these methods offer only a few inches more in penis size, while others just boost the libido. The traction device promoted on will provide to the consumers numerous benefits: they will treat erectile dysfunction, boost the sex drive, enlarge penis size and improve the sexual performances, all of these in a natural, safe and healthy way. Because it provides all these advantages, SizeGenetics is one of the best male enhancement methods.

Other male enhancement methods are chemical pills, herbal supplements, penile pumps, creams, gels, oils, patches and penile augmentation surgery. Some of these alternatives to SizeGenetics use the power of nature, while others use technology to offer the results desired. Chemical pills such as Viagra and Levitra are linked to numerous side effects, as mentioned on WebMD and they will only enhance the libido and treat erectile dysfunction. Herbal supplements can enhance the desire for sex and speed up arousal, while penile pumps are meant to enhance the blood flow to the penile and increase its size.

But penile pumps, patches and penile augmentation surgery can results in risks, complications and adverse effects. The surgery is quite expensive and t can lead to damage of blood vessels and penile curvatures. Those who wish to treat erectile dysfunction in a natural way, raise the libido, increase endurance and improve penile length and girth in a safe and natural way should use SizeGenetics traction device. Developed by combining the power of nature with the latest technology, this penis enlargement option offers amazing results in only a few months of using the device.

If you want to treat erectile dysfunction naturally, you have to use SizeGenetics a few hours per day for about 4-6 months. The erections will be harder and stronger even from the first few weeks of using this device. Because it enhances the blood flow to the penile, it will stimulate new cells development and penis length will become with about 2 inches longer, while penile girth will be with 25% thicker. SizeGenetics ensures ultimate comfort because it provides 58 different ways to wear the device and it is suitable for any penile size. Use this natural male enhancement method and experience the enjoyment of having your wish fulfilled!

The dream house

A while ago I was looking for some articles about holiday. So I looked for something extraordinarily beautiful and this is what we found: hotel located in the tree. I came across tree houses, built of wood and enough space for fun! Sounds good, I know, but you am I going to tell you sounds way better! First I looked over many website like and then I discovered the hotel described below.
We decided to go on an adventure holiday and wanted something special this year. Is actually a tree house, just as in our childhood, only this is a larger and more stylish. Imagine a hotel in the tree!

round_house square_house

This hotel has everything that you needs, from broad steps to the entrance of the house and up to the high ceilings and beautifully crafted, the hotel give the impression that you are in another world, one of your dreams. It is absolutely gorgeous to stay to see the stars tonight and you will seem so close. Moreover, you can rest assured to watch the sun day. It is absolutely fantastic that can make this hotel.
Spaced windows light the room, perfect air vent, tall trees that are heard every night, all these things are indescribable scenery. It is a splendor to come to this hotel whenever you get a chance to relax. The architecture is wonderful and deserves every photographer to capture the beautiful moments of the holidays.

bedroom bedroom_

So my vacation was a success, my girl was so excited and emotions and memories were highest. I will repeat the experience of thousands of times if I could. It was sensational and speechless. Most likely, we will have our vacancy of winter here. I think I will have a unique experience!
These houses are built in the trees around two or more trees, and can have up to 100 sqm. Quite large, I said. Then have some pretty great access stairs in the house. So either summer or winter, access is quite easy to do.
Houses have to all utilities in there and roofs that are more and more resistant. It’s like you’re suddenly back in childhood and be in your own secret tree house. Only now, the tree house requires peace, peace, relaxation and also fun activities suitable outdoors.
Take a moment of silence, look around you and you will see the sky, clouds of various shapes, the sun will always smile and good mood immediately will return on your face. So that brings to you the tree house: peace, serenity and calm. Exactly what we need in this busy traffic and stress of everyday life.
The tree houses can have a variety of forms, but you can choose what options you like and what will attract you the most. I strongly believe that a tree house is what it would fit me more now and especially for my family and friends. So let’s get cracking and see what we will choose.


Eliminate warts before traveling to photograph the beauty of nature

The beauty of nature produces profound effects in our heart and on our senses. Nature delights us with its wonders and the landscapes, flora and fauna never cease to amaze us. Any person passionate by nature, each traveler, naturalist and professional photographer who admires the wonders that surround us cannot neglect the grace and beauty of every living creature.
While he travels and notices the magnificence of birds and mammals, a photographer cannot interrupt the balance of nature and this can be a very difficult task, mostly if there are some little cubs jeopardized by bigger animals.
A professional and passionate photographer cannot lose his focus while observing the nature. But having warts on the forefinger or nearby nails could prove to be annoying and disturbing, especially if there is a truly interesting creature or event that has to be photographed.
wartrolWarts are, based on webmd, skin growths that occur due to one of the 130 types of Human Papillomavirus, also known as HPV. HPV enters in the body through a portion of damaged skin and it infects the top layer of skin. Warts are contagious and grow rapidly on the surface of the skin. Despite the fact that some warts can disappear on their own in a few months or even years, some warts can reoccur.
These unpleasant signs can affect not only the fingers and the area nearby the nails, but they can also appear on the face, lips, eyelids, neck, genitalia, wrists, knees and soles of the feet. Warts are usually painless, but some of them grow in areas where pressure is applied, such as bottom of the foot or fingers, and in this case they are painful.
Warts vary in sizes and shapes, from bumps with rough surfaces to smooth and flat warts. Thankfully, warts can be removed at home, without prescription, with Wartrol. This over the counter treatment removes warts in a safe and effective way, without causing pain or damage of the skin.
Accordingly wartrol easily eliminates plantar and common warts that affect various areas of the body. Making use of FDA-approved ingredients, Wartrol offers a quick and effective relief from the unpleasant warts. Because warts can spread not only to other people, but also to other parts of the body, it is important to eliminate them before affecting other areas of the body.
In order to prevent the occurrence of warts, people should avoid direct contact with people affected by HPV. In addition, they should not share towels, razors, shoes or socks with other persons, especially because even people who do not have warts can be infected with HPV. Warts grow more easily when the skin is broken or injured, so avoid hurting your hands and feet, which are most likely to be affected by warts. But if warts have already occurred on the body, people should cover the warts with tape or bandage to prevent it from spreading to other parts of their body.
Even travelers and photographers can be affected by HPV and experience inconveniences because of warts. They should get rid of warts and enjoy the beauty of nature without being disturbed by the unsightly and upsetting warts.

Calcium: the key for a healthy life

If you are one of those people like me that are concerned about their health and want to live a healthy life then you know that even the smallest details are very important.

intracalMany people are ignoring them and this is why they usually get sick and feel weak. It is very important that we must wash our hands before we eat and it healthy foods. But not everybody does that. Yet, this is a thing that everybody knows, but, what about calcium?

What do you know about calcium. Maybe you know that calcium is very important for our bones and our teeth but I bet you don’t know that it is the most important substance found in our bodies, and calcium deficiency can cause us really big problems and even death.

Usually, we start losing calcium from our bodies when we age. This is why when we are old we feel weak and we have bone pains.

Well, what is actually the calcium deficiency? It’s pretty simple… The body cannot create calcium. We get calcium from our alimentation and most of it is stored in our bones. Also, the body needs calcium so it could work properly. So, if we don’t get enough calcium from foods, the body starts taking it from the bones, so our bones become weaker and weaker and they start breaking more often. The calcium deficiency also gives us very bad symptoms like memory loss, depression, muscle spasms and hallucinations.

The calcium deficiency can be diagnosed only by a doctor. If you suffer from any of the symptoms I told you about earlier you should go to a doctor.

The treatment of calcium deficiency is an easy one. You just must eat foods that contain more calcium or get calcium supplements.

But you must be careful because this can damage your health. You must also eat healthy right? So this might be a problem. Some healthy foods that contain a big amount of calcium are fish and almost all dairy products. The foods made of milk most of the time contain a really big amount of calcium so they are really good.

But how can you prevent calcium deficiency, so you must not suffer from it?

As I said earlier food is the key but I also found on a very good product that helps you maintain healthy levels of calcium in your body. It is named IntraCal.

IntraCal is a 100% natural calcium supplements that sends calcium directly into your skeletal tissue so it makes your bones and teeth stronger and healthier almost instantly. It also boosts the calcium levels in your blood and your entire body. Another advantage of IntraCal is that It also promotes a healthy heart and a healthy cardiovascular system.

If you want to take IntraCal and live a healthy life, most probable you should give up at drinking soda, because it has been discovered that soda decreases the calcium levels from our bodies.

So, if you are suffering from calcium deficiency I recommend you to take IntraCal because it is the ONLY 100% natural calcium supplement on the market and it does its job very well.

Detoxify the digestive tract

If you suffer from bloating, mood swings, back pain, headaches, poor appetite, bad breath, body odor, diarrhea, lack of energy, weak immune system, weight problems or occasional constipation, it means that you might have a toxic colon. One of the best treatments that fight against toxic colon on the market promoted by is Oxy-Powder.

oxypowderOxy – Powder is a colon cleanser based on reactive oxygen and magnesium compounds. This treatment uses the oxygen to cleanse and detoxify all the components of your digestive tract not only the colon.

This product is recommended by the doctors and it’s proved that it is safe and it makes its job. Oxy – Powder is not dangerous as other colon cleansers can be.

Maybe you didn’t know that the intestinal tract is approximately 30 feet long, and, at some age, a person could have a pretty big amount of fecal matter blocked in their intestinal tract. This is why you might need Oxy-Powder, because it helps you have a proper digestion and it cleanse the blocked fecal matter and your colon.

You may be wondering how I found this Oxy-Powder. Well… Few months ago my mother had a really poor appetite and I knew something is not right. I took her with me and we visited many doctors, they told me to buy some drugs and that was all that happened. But any of the drugs I bought didn’t make their job, so I became really stressed and I researched all by myself, but I didn’t find any useful information. Then, one day, a friend of mine told me about Oxy- Powder. He told me how it works, how many times the treatment lasts and told me the Oxy- Powder’s website, where I found even more information.

Well, I risked and I bought my mother some Oxy-Powder, and, in the first days I wasn’t really pleased because she didn’t feel any difference. But after one week, she started to eat more, and be more energetic, and all the problems like diarrhea or occasional constipation suddenly disappeared.

I was really satisfied because I bought this and I want to recommend you to buy Oxy- Powder if you have one or more of the problems mentioned by me in the beginning of this article.

The biggest benefits of Oxy- Powder are:

~It is using oxygen to cleanse your colon and all the components of your intestinal tract without any pain or secondary effects.

~You drink a pill and continue to do what you were doing. You don’t need to take a break or do some special things. You only drink that pill and that’s all! Very simple! J

~Oxy-Powder doesn’t damage the natural flora from your intestinal tract.

~It makes its job in your sleep, so you won’t feel anything different or strange.

Even if it is 100% sure that Oxy-Powder will do its job, you have a 180 day guarantee, so if you’re not pleased you will get all your money back.

Oxy-Powder is a very effective treatment, because it cleanses and detoxifies your intestinal tract very fast and gently.

Is penis size important?

Penis size is important to have a good sex life, and also for a good psychic.

First, men are the most complexed of penis size, not women. Men are those who fear that the partner will not be satisfied with a small penis, you will not be able to do much in bed, he can not boast a penis 17 + cm in front of others.

vimaxextenderAll men wonder if their penis size is good according to the age, height, and with a lot of other factors.

Men believe that a woman can be satisfied only by one man with a penis measuring over 17 cm long. Why do you think that, gentlemen?

Someone said that “love is an art.” Sex can be called a show when you “throw” the sexual relationship all desire, all mood and passion that you have for your partner and to the act itself.

Penis size matters to an point, but not entirely. Large penises can cause pain during intercourse if your partner is not aroused enough, and the “author” is full of pathos. A small penis can give your partner orgasms, if you will think over just centimeters sex game that he possesses. There are many other things you can add, and give pleasure to your partner. Only exercise can enhance your sexual technique and you gain confidence in yourself by successful intercourse. As you increase your penis naturally you can always use the Vimax Extender, a device meant to bring joy in your relationship couple more, to bring the confidence you need. Vimax Extender is a medical testing device, which not causes pain, correct the position of the penis, it lengthens and is very easy to use. Click on to read information about this device.

They say a man’s penis size is measured by the degree of pleasure they provide. Give this little thought those men inhibited?

Adapts vagina after penis size. Want to give it a memorable orgasm? Remember where the G point is and you will see that you do not need a “kite” to a faint after intercourse.

Point G is 2 to 5 cm in the vagina, the front wall.

If this point G is so close, why all men want to go beyond it? Why so many questions and problems?

Large size of the penis, fancy car, many businesses are some myths that 21st century people have created.

You feel good in bed with that partner that is careful with and also you know what to do with a man in your bed. These things are also available for women who need to know how to encourage their partner sexually.

In sex, try to put emphasis on quality and not quantity.

Digestinol – good digestion for your life

A balanced lifestyle and proper diet can contribute to good digestion, which in turn will protect your health and give you a good feeling:

digestinolDo not rush when you eat

An important step for healthy digestion is to pay attention to Plan: Take time to chew your food well and do not rush to swallow without chewing. Such pre-digested food goes to the stomach, helping internal organs (such as the small intestine, pancreas) in digestion.

A balanced diet

Another important factor for proper digestion is what and how you eat. Therefore, it is best to eat little and often throughout the day. To stimulate the intestine to digest food better, maintain a balanced diet with foods rich in dietary fiber, such as fresh foods, fruits, vegetables and salad. Animal fats and raw muscle meat should be eaten only in limited quantities. Make sure you do not exceed your daily calorie needs.

If you have intolerance to certain fats is advisable to remove them from the menu to avoid irritation to the intestinal membrane. Smoking and alcohol also affects the digestive tract and therefore should be avoided if possible. It is better to use Digestinol. The website is informing us that it will help you have an easy digestion and protects the digestive infections, provide immunity required. Being a natural product, will help you have a healthy and carefree digestive.

Clean water and fresh food

The best way to protect against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens is maintaining personal hygiene. Many pathogens reach the mouth through the hands. Therefore, after going to the bathroom and before handling food, make sure that you have washed hands thoroughly.

Other potential sources of infection: altered food and water obsolete. Unpackaged foods is advisable to keep the temperature below 10 ° C in a refrigerator. Minced meat, raw eggs preparations and open juice boxes should be eaten the day they are bought, if it is possible.

These hygiene measures are particularly important when you are on vacation. Abroad, when the body is faced with new pathogens, which the immune system is not ready. Thus, gastrointestinal infections occur quite frequently during the holidays outside the home. When traveling abroad, avoid tap water, raw vegetables, unwashed and uncooked meat, and fruits that can not be peeled or washed well. Also, frozen foods, pasteurized foods, seafood and fish should be consumed carefully when you are not sure of their freshness.


For a proper bowel movements, your body needs a lot of fluid. Consumption of less than 2 liters per day can lead to gastrointestinal problems such constipation or to dehydration. Preferably the 2 liters of liquid is mineral water, teas and juices.

Physical activity

Lack of a good sport can affect gastrointestinal function. Exercise keep you in shape and helps to tone both body and mind.

Inner balance

Gastrointestinal disorders can be caused by psychological problems, so rest and relaxation is very important.

AloeElite – How to get rid of stoach pain

When there are stomach pain, appears uncomfortable state we create continuous discomfort. There are pains that arise as soon as we get upset or try to suppress anger that we feel in the face of a superior or someone close to you do not want to bother with anything.

Well, all these situations in life do not turn into beautiful romantic stories or metaphors become gastritis due to stress, overwork or prolonged anger. Pain that occurs is a warning that warns our body past the point of tolerance limit and everything I’ve gathered over time, all aggressions remained there within us and continues to burn stomach.

Early gastric problems

aloeeliteWhen faced with these problems and found that the specialist is recommended infusion brewed with one teaspoon of lemon balm herb in a cup of boiling water. It consumed two or three cups per day when needed. Of course after a correct diagnosis should have regular checkups to the doctor, that to avoid bigger problems. A chronic gastritis, gastric hyperacidity is beginning. Experts say that ulcer, which may have a hereditary, slowly evolving, sometimes even decades and is manifested by painful seasonal daily flare-ups, accompanied by vomiting. Pain begins 30 minutes after a meal, when it comes to stomach ulcer, or 2-3 hours after a meal in duodenal ulcer. Some helpful herbs stands of acacia flower that soothes burning. Tea can be used in the course of time and the food tea, two cups a day, before meals, in a rush to two teaspoons of flowers per cup of boiling water. Flowers are soothing and healing in gastric and duodenal ulcers. Prepare an infusion of two teaspoons of flowers in a cup of boiling water and drink two cups a day, not necessarily on an empty stomach first, the second between meals. For those who do not support more liquid can call Calendula capsules, which are found in pharmacies.

Infusion of Rattles

Help both gastric or duodenal ulcer and gastritis with long evolution (1-3 months) children. Infusion is 1-2 tsp herb in a cup of water. Drink two cups a day, half the amount before meals, after meals half. For children, the dose is halved. We must not forget, if peptic ulcer, important plants such as horsetail, aloe, yarrow, licorice, chamomile, calamus, knot grass, comfrey or raspberry. Liquorice is used (for peptic ulcer) as an infusion of the root powder – a teaspoon, over which pour a cup of boiling water 250 ml. Leave covered for 15 minutes, strain and drink three cups a day. In the treatment of gastritis and gastric hyperacidity prepare a cold soak root ½ teaspoon of the powder in 200 ml water was allowed to stand for 2 hours, filter and consume throughout the day. Such treatment lasts 1-2 months and is made especially in autumn and spring. Experts say it is a plant that works wonders in many, especially in diseases of the stomach.

Aloe Elite

It has long been known as Aloe juice is highly recommended in stomach pains and other stomach problems and more. A diet with Aloe Elite – according to – can solve digestive problems, and ulcers can reduce bloating. Gastritis is again a condition that Aloe Elite a cure. Using it you will have a healthier life, energy and digestive problems will forget.

Profollica – foods for a healthy hair

Hair loss is a common problem in women and is based, in addition to stress or heredity, using different cosmetic products such as hair dye.

If you want to have healthy hair that you will not fall into excess, experts recommend a balanced diet, without harmful fats but rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Here’s what foods stops hair loss.


Among other benefits, eating nuts helps you not to lose your hair. Nuts contain selenium, an important mineral for healthy scalp. These Nuts are also a rich source of omega 3 linolenic acid, and zinc, as good hair loss.

In addition, nuts are rich in the iron element. Lack of iron in your body can cause the level of ferritin (the protein that stores iron in the body and releases it in a controlled way) down and thus have problems with hair.


Beans you should not miss the food, especially during this period. Besides helping you to lose weight, your beans provide enough protein helps hair growth. Also, the pulses contain zinc, iron and biotin. According to some studies, biotin deficiency, although rare, can result in brittle hair. Experts recommend eating beans at least once a week.


Spinach, like broccoli, is another food that helps you have a healthy, having a high concentration of minerals (iron and calcium). This vegetable is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, nutrients that your body needs to produce the sebum.


Salmon is one of the foods enjoyed great success either salon treatments or that kind of healthy food. That’s because this fish is a good source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, vitamin B12 and iron. Basically, salmon includes everything you need to have a shiny, no other problems, such as hair.


Boiled, scrambled or poached, eggs are an important source of protein that helps the hair and scalp to stay healthy. Also, eggs also contain vitamin A, vitamin B12 and biotin. All these nutrients moisturize the scalp and keep your hair healthy and beautiful.


Carrots are a good source of fiber and has a low calorie, but its benefits in diet and keep your hair and scalp health. Carrots can be eaten as a snack between meals or grated in salads. Whatever option you choose, your hair will enjoy a high content of vitamin A, essential for his health.


Maybe you did not know, but the chicken, particularly the country, contains qualitative protein help you have healthy hair you dream of. So you will not have problems such sensitive and bleached hair. Choose to eat chicken wings if you can.

In addition to a balanced diet is good to use Profollica, an innovative treatment that act from the root of the hair and stops its fall. Profollica, promoted by, regenerates hair, regulates the sebum of the scalp, where appropriate, it reduce dermatitis, dandruff, stimulates blood circulation and protects against the sun. So there is no reason not to have a beautiful hair.

Did you know that loss of libido affects both women and men?

Probably everybody has gone through that phase “Not now, I have a headache”. Both women and men experience at some point in their life loss of libido, changing their sex life and even challenging the couple life. Women feel ashamed and angry when their husbands reject them, but men are also affected by a negative response from their spouse.

Hot Rawks is a remarkable supplement that increases the libido, raises the vitality and promotes a healthy sex drive. Containing only raw organic superfoods and herbs that enhance the sex drive, intensify pleasure, increase the blood flow to the genitals and raise the interest in sex, Hot Rawks is an aphrodisiac created for the special needs of both women and men. You can read the description list on the site .

hot_rawksWomen are very suspicious when their spouses reject them, believing that maybe he is cheating or that he is not attracted anymore. But men are actually stressed and affected when they are not in the mood or it does not feel like it was “supposed” to be. Just like women, men may be affected by loss of libido. It may occur due to many reasons, of emotional or physical nature, and the effects may be quite frustrating for both of the partners.

Loss of libido in men may be caused by stress, fatigue, depression, relationship problems, obesity, drug or alcohol abuse, hormone imbalance, diabetes or even due to some prescription drugs.

Women may experience a low sex drive due to plenty of reasons, from hormone changes to stress, medical diseases, alcohol, surgery, fatigue, menopause, pregnancy, breast-feeding, anxiety, depression, poor communication, infidelity and many other possible reasons.

It is important to establish the main root of the problem and treating it in order to bring back the passion in life. The partner’s desire can certainly be improved by following some important steps.

First of all, you should talk about it with your partner and you have to wish to overcome this problem. Consider talking to your doctor, if he prescribed you medicines such as anti-anxiety or beta-blockers drugs, because they may lead to decreased desire. Discuss with your doctor and ask him if there are alternative options that do not interfere with your sexual function.

In case if you suspect an erectile dysfunction, the testosterone levels should be checked and your doctor will prescribe you the best treatment to bring back your libido. Deal with stress, encourage your spouse to get over the burdens and worries related to work or what else disturbs him or her and discuss about the problems related to your relationship and solve them, if there are any.

Do not feel ashamed to initiate sex, even if your partner has always made the first step. Take into consideration using supplements that increase the libido and help you feel aroused.

Hot Rawks is an amazing product that may be used by both women and men, it contains a powerful blend of ingredients that enhance the sex drive, improve the blood circulation to the genitals and increase the sexual performance.

Take Hot Rawks to boost your libido and enjoy a satisfying sex life!