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Witamy serdecznie

Jesteśmy grupą zapalonych przyrodników, podróżników i fotografów. Polarystyka to jedno z naszych zainteresowań obok badania i obserwacji życia ptaków i ssaków, geografii oraz fotografii przyrodniczej. Arktyka jest więc miejscem, w którym postanowiliśmy zorganizować kilka wypraw przyrodniczo-fotograficznych. Chcemy przybliżyć wszystkim życie zwierząt tych rejonów. Pokazać jak zachowują się na wolności, w swoim naturalnym środowisku, jakże różnym od świata miejskiego zoo.

Miejscem docelowym naszej pierwszej podróży w 2006 roku będzie Spitsbergen. Jest to największa z wysp archipelagu Svalbard, kraina wiecznej zmarzliny, nocy polarnych, suchego klimatu, niskich temperatur, skalistych wybrzeży i pól lodowcowych, ostoja niedźwiedzi polarnych, reniferów, pieśców, fok, morsów i kilkudziesięciu gatunków ptaków, “Kraj ostrych gór” – jak nazwał go XVI-wieczny podróżnik i odkrywca Willem Barents któremu obca jest jakakolwiek forma turystyki masowej.

AloeElite – How to get rid of stoach pain

When there are stomach pain, appears uncomfortable state we create continuous discomfort. There are pains that arise as soon as we get upset or try to suppress anger that we feel in the face of a superior or someone close to you do not want to bother with anything.

Well, all these situations in life do not turn into beautiful romantic stories or metaphors become gastritis due to stress, overwork or prolonged anger. Pain that occurs is a warning that warns our body past the point of tolerance limit and everything I’ve gathered over time, all aggressions remained there within us and continues to burn stomach.

Early gastric problems

aloeeliteWhen faced with these problems and found that the specialist is recommended infusion brewed with one teaspoon of lemon balm herb in a cup of boiling water. It consumed two or three cups per day when needed. Of course after a correct diagnosis should have regular checkups to the doctor, that to avoid bigger problems. A chronic gastritis, gastric hyperacidity is beginning. Experts say that ulcer, which may have a hereditary, slowly evolving, sometimes even decades and is manifested by painful seasonal daily flare-ups, accompanied by vomiting. Pain begins 30 minutes after a meal, when it comes to stomach ulcer, or 2-3 hours after a meal in duodenal ulcer. Some helpful herbs stands of acacia flower that soothes burning. Tea can be used in the course of time and the food tea, two cups a day, before meals, in a rush to two teaspoons of flowers per cup of boiling water. Flowers are soothing and healing in gastric and duodenal ulcers. Prepare an infusion of two teaspoons of flowers in a cup of boiling water and drink two cups a day, not necessarily on an empty stomach first, the second between meals. For those who do not support more liquid can call Calendula capsules, which are found in pharmacies.

Infusion of Rattles

Help both gastric or duodenal ulcer and gastritis with long evolution (1-3 months) children. Infusion is 1-2 tsp herb in a cup of water. Drink two cups a day, half the amount before meals, after meals half. For children, the dose is halved. We must not forget, if peptic ulcer, important plants such as horsetail, aloe, yarrow, licorice, chamomile, calamus, knot grass, comfrey or raspberry. Liquorice is used (for peptic ulcer) as an infusion of the root powder – a teaspoon, over which pour a cup of boiling water 250 ml. Leave covered for 15 minutes, strain and drink three cups a day. In the treatment of gastritis and gastric hyperacidity prepare a cold soak root ½ teaspoon of the powder in 200 ml water was allowed to stand for 2 hours, filter and consume throughout the day. Such treatment lasts 1-2 months and is made especially in autumn and spring. Experts say it is a plant that works wonders in many, especially in diseases of the stomach.

Aloe Elite

It has long been known as Aloe juice is highly recommended in stomach pains and other stomach problems and more. A diet with Aloe Elite – according to – can solve digestive problems, and ulcers can reduce bloating. Gastritis is again a condition that Aloe Elite a cure. Using it you will have a healthier life, energy and digestive problems will forget.

Profollica – foods for a healthy hair

Hair loss is a common problem in women and is based, in addition to stress or heredity, using different cosmetic products such as hair dye.

If you want to have healthy hair that you will not fall into excess, experts recommend a balanced diet, without harmful fats but rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Here’s what foods stops hair loss.


Among other benefits, eating nuts helps you not to lose your hair. Nuts contain selenium, an important mineral for healthy scalp. These Nuts are also a rich source of omega 3 linolenic acid, and zinc, as good hair loss.

In addition, nuts are rich in the iron element. Lack of iron in your body can cause the level of ferritin (the protein that stores iron in the body and releases it in a controlled way) down and thus have problems with hair.


Beans you should not miss the food, especially during this period. Besides helping you to lose weight, your beans provide enough protein helps hair growth. Also, the pulses contain zinc, iron and biotin. According to some studies, biotin deficiency, although rare, can result in brittle hair. Experts recommend eating beans at least once a week.


Spinach, like broccoli, is another food that helps you have a healthy, having a high concentration of minerals (iron and calcium). This vegetable is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, nutrients that your body needs to produce the sebum.


Salmon is one of the foods enjoyed great success either salon treatments or that kind of healthy food. That’s because this fish is a good source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, vitamin B12 and iron. Basically, salmon includes everything you need to have a shiny, no other problems, such as hair.


Boiled, scrambled or poached, eggs are an important source of protein that helps the hair and scalp to stay healthy. Also, eggs also contain vitamin A, vitamin B12 and biotin. All these nutrients moisturize the scalp and keep your hair healthy and beautiful.


Carrots are a good source of fiber and has a low calorie, but its benefits in diet and keep your hair and scalp health. Carrots can be eaten as a snack between meals or grated in salads. Whatever option you choose, your hair will enjoy a high content of vitamin A, essential for his health.


Maybe you did not know, but the chicken, particularly the country, contains qualitative protein help you have healthy hair you dream of. So you will not have problems such sensitive and bleached hair. Choose to eat chicken wings if you can.

In addition to a balanced diet is good to use Profollica, an innovative treatment that act from the root of the hair and stops its fall. Profollica, promoted by, regenerates hair, regulates the sebum of the scalp, where appropriate, it reduce dermatitis, dandruff, stimulates blood circulation and protects against the sun. So there is no reason not to have a beautiful hair.

Did you know that loss of libido affects both women and men?

Probably everybody has gone through that phase “Not now, I have a headache”. Both women and men experience at some point in their life loss of libido, changing their sex life and even challenging the couple life. Women feel ashamed and angry when their husbands reject them, but men are also affected by a negative response from their spouse.

Hot Rawks is a remarkable supplement that increases the libido, raises the vitality and promotes a healthy sex drive. Containing only raw organic superfoods and herbs that enhance the sex drive, intensify pleasure, increase the blood flow to the genitals and raise the interest in sex, Hot Rawks is an aphrodisiac created for the special needs of both women and men. You can read the description list on the site .

hot_rawksWomen are very suspicious when their spouses reject them, believing that maybe he is cheating or that he is not attracted anymore. But men are actually stressed and affected when they are not in the mood or it does not feel like it was “supposed” to be. Just like women, men may be affected by loss of libido. It may occur due to many reasons, of emotional or physical nature, and the effects may be quite frustrating for both of the partners.

Loss of libido in men may be caused by stress, fatigue, depression, relationship problems, obesity, drug or alcohol abuse, hormone imbalance, diabetes or even due to some prescription drugs.

Women may experience a low sex drive due to plenty of reasons, from hormone changes to stress, medical diseases, alcohol, surgery, fatigue, menopause, pregnancy, breast-feeding, anxiety, depression, poor communication, infidelity and many other possible reasons.

It is important to establish the main root of the problem and treating it in order to bring back the passion in life. The partner’s desire can certainly be improved by following some important steps.

First of all, you should talk about it with your partner and you have to wish to overcome this problem. Consider talking to your doctor, if he prescribed you medicines such as anti-anxiety or beta-blockers drugs, because they may lead to decreased desire. Discuss with your doctor and ask him if there are alternative options that do not interfere with your sexual function.

In case if you suspect an erectile dysfunction, the testosterone levels should be checked and your doctor will prescribe you the best treatment to bring back your libido. Deal with stress, encourage your spouse to get over the burdens and worries related to work or what else disturbs him or her and discuss about the problems related to your relationship and solve them, if there are any.

Do not feel ashamed to initiate sex, even if your partner has always made the first step. Take into consideration using supplements that increase the libido and help you feel aroused.

Hot Rawks is an amazing product that may be used by both women and men, it contains a powerful blend of ingredients that enhance the sex drive, improve the blood circulation to the genitals and increase the sexual performance.

Take Hot Rawks to boost your libido and enjoy a satisfying sex life!

Why should we use sytropin?

Youth is a condition, but as you can enjoy it you need to stay your body young and fit as much time. I have some tips that guide me and so, my youth is always envy of all.

sytropin_1Tips to stay forever young

- Get your daily dose of vitamin D. It is essential for memory, skin, heart, bones and arteries just to prevent bad cancer. About 75% of the population does not cover daily dose of vitamin D.

- One solution is a walk in the park for 15 minutes per day, the day when it is sunny outside. If your body receives the daily required dose, actual age is ten years old less than in your ID. The daily dose is 1000mg per day.

- Use Sytropin. They say that this product is formula for youth. Sytropin makes skin firmer, no matter what your age is, help hair growth, rejuvenates you with practically everything. Invigorates the body, provides immunity, better vision, blood pressure to normal and especially lowers cholesterol. Wonder called Sytropin contains EXTRACT MOOMIYO, GABA , L-Arginine, Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate:, GLYCINE ALPHA GPC, L-valine, L-Glutamine, L-LYSINE, L-DOPA BEAN EXTRACT • • L-isoleucine L-TYROSINE

Sytropin is good for both muscles and bone. His miraculous effects are seen immediately after administration of the all those who consume it. The benefits of this product are detailed presented on the site

- Keep your weight. This helps you control your cholesterol and blood sugar and reduce the risk of all cardiovascular problems. If you keep you’re normal weight, improves biological age up to 19 years.

- Eat fruit oil and dried fruits. They are tasty, contain fiber and help keep your heart and mind healthy. In addition, rational consumption are an ally in maintaining silhouette.

- Regular use improves your biological age by 6.5 years.

- Eat unprocessed food. It’s an easy way to cover your necessary vitamins and minerals and helps you stay at your ideal weight, taking away cardiovascular disease. In addition, improve your real age up to 2.5 years.

- Positive thinking is not just a fashion, it is a lifestyle that rejuvenates you 5.2 years. Make daily 30 minutes of exercise. Man needs movement for its biological functions to be within normal parameters. A man who makes daily exercise at least 30 minutes, has a biological age of about 12 years less than that does not move.

- Sleep. I think it’s a simple and handy method for all of us, too. The eight hours of sleep daily, respectively, reduce your biological age for about 3.5 years.

- Have a great routine of your teeth. A man with healthy teeth is about 6 years less than a person who is sick teeth. A good healthy teeth means immunity and a healthy cardiovascular system.

Using all the above tips, I can guarantee that you will look younger, both mentally and physically. Physical shape and lack of medical problems will be great fortune for you. Keep calm and leave problems for later or, as I always say, solve it wisely.

Provillus treatment

Being the medical term for hair loss, alopecia is a dermatological condition that affects especially the hair follicles of the scalp. There are also numerous patterns of natural and illness related hair loss. This condition may be produced, as well, by some medications or drugs.

The most common type of alopecia is male-pattern baldness. Being generally produced by the effects of hormones, this type of hair loss is called androgenetic or andreogenic alopecia, due to its cause, the adrogens of male sex hormones.

provillusWomen can also experience hair loss, when their hair is thinning on top of their head. Fortunately, there are several treatments for alopecia, for both women and men. According to provillus is a natural solution which comes in two formulas especially designed for women or men. Helping to stop the hair loss and representing a natural way to regrow hair, Provillus contains natural ingredients carefully selected for their potential to help healthy hair regrowth.

Here are some tips and advices for hair loss prevention that you should really consider, because preventing a condition is always easier than actually treating one.

Most people consider stopping the hair fall only after they have lost quite much of it. But if you follow a few advices and start preventing the hair loss while you still have your head full of hair, it will work much easier, financially and emotionally, as well. If you take care of your hair now, you will be later lucky to have it healthier and good looking. Therefore, you can prevent your hair loss  you take care of it, if you avoid things that harm your hair, if you follow a healthy lifestyle and, undoubtedly, if you use some treatments.

Because your hair, nails and skin usually show your overall health, when they are damaged is a sign that something is wrong with your body. This is why you should take care of your overall health, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, foods with great amounts of vitamins, minerals and proteins that your organism requires and drink adequate water.

Maintain your hair clean, use the type of shampoo and conditioner suited to your needs and try not to blow-dry it to the hottest level. Be kind and gentle with your hair, try to avoid chemical treatments and do not comb it when it is wet, because your hair is fragile and it will break.

Use home treatments and masks to keep your hair shinny and healthy. Take natural supplements which improve the health of your hair and help the healthy grow of it. Provillus is a dietary supplement which not only improves the appearance of your existing hair, but it also promotes the regrowth of it, solving the hormonal causes of the loss of your hair.

Provillus will prevent your hair from falling and you will soon observe the amazing benefits of this treatment. Take Provillus even from the first signs of hair loss and simply regain your healthy, youthful appearance.

Cleansing the Liver, Livatrex is the Best

You may be asking what Livatrex and how it functions. Livatrex is a natural liver and Gallbladder cleanser. It is an energetically enhanced blend of precious herbs which support the detoxification and the normal functioning of the liver and gallbladder. It takes a careful selection of each herb so that the herbs may perform their role in detoxifying the liver as well as supporting the overall cleansing process. The liver is one of the body parts that are very crucial yet delicate, having several functions that it performs. It is therefore wise to take good care of it so as to deal with any complication that can lead to malfunctioning of the whole body. The Gallbladder too is an essential body part closely connected to the liver. It ought to be checked regularly too so as to cure and prevent any malfunctioning signs. Livatrex is a product that takes care of this issue in an incredible way. It is produced using TincTract process. This process is used to ensure total purity and efficacy of all the natural ingredients. The proprietary microBURST liquid trace minerals helps to deliver maximum absorption and also enhances the effectiveness and value of Livatrex. Detailed information about this product you can read on
liver_2Benefits of Livatrex
The main importance of this product is aiding in purification of the liver and the blood. The liver being the area where the blood cells are formed requires to be purified so as to function as expected. It also detoxifies the Gallbladder and this is a process that prevents many bladder related complications.
It prevents liver and gallbladder stones. The waste that accumulates both in the liver and in the gallbladder can form stones if not detected earlier in time, and they are often caused by the overburdening of the liver. However this product clears the waste as it clears any danger that can be caused by these stones. It, therefore aids in breaking down those gall stones and kidney stones
It helps in the improving of bile flow, from the liver to the gallbladder.
It also stimulates the liver to regenerate new cells and produce some additional bile juice.
It helps in delivering maximum absorption as it enhances the breaking of fats by the liver.
It promotes healthy skin since it aids in the removal of excess water as it enhances the functioning of the liver.
How it works?
Livatrex can be mixed with distilled water or apple juice while taking it. The recommended measure is is always indicated on the instructions mostly taken for four days. After some time there will be some stones which may be at times difficult to distinguish from the fecal matter. Many other different toxic materials can exit from the body without necessarily being physically seen.
It works best when the process is repeated severally to make sure there is complete cleansing. Only one liver and gallbladder cleansing will not help much, it will need repetition of the whole cleansing process so as cleanse all the accumulated toxins over years. Doing it 3 times in a row with a break of 6 to 9 days between the sessions will help.

Informacje o Arktyce

Nazwa Arktyka pochodzi od greckiego słowa ‘arktos’, czyli niedźwiedź. Rejon ten wyznaczyć można na co najmniej dwa sposoby. Pierwszy związany jest z układem Ziemi względem Słońca. Granicę Arktyki wyznacza koło podbiegunowe (66º 33′ szerokości geograficznej północnej) zamykając w sobie obszar o powierzchni 21 milionów km². Arktykę jako krainę geograficzno-klimatyczno-przyrodniczą wyznacza zarys izotermy lipca, wynoszący na lądzie 10ºC, a na morzu 5ºC. Na lądzie zbiega się ona z granicą lasu borealnego i strefy tundry. Powierzchnia Arktyki w tych granicach wynosi ok. 27 milionów km². Obszar ten składa się z rozrzuconych na Oceanie Arktycznym wysp i archipelagów oraz zlodowaconej części Eurazji i Ameryki.

Można by powiedzieć, że pierwsze wyprawy do Arktyki rozpoczęły się już przeszło trzy tysiące lat przed naszą erą kiedy to Grek Herdot wyruszył w swoją siedemnastoletnią podróż. Wspomina on potem w swoim dziele “Historia grecko-perskiej wojny” o ludach żyjących na dalekiej północy pozbawionych głów, o koźlich kopytach, całych pokrytych sierścią co przesypiają sześć miesięcy w roku. Dwa tysiące lat później Pytheas, także Grek dociera w swoich podróżach do miejsca gdzie żaglowce utkwiły w dziwnej białej masie pośród wody. Udało mu się także dopłynąć pod jakiś ląd. Najprawdopodobniej były to Szetlandy lub wybrzeże południowej Norwegii. Podróże na północ przestały jednak z wolna interesować ludzi i rejon ten stał się legendą, miejscem zwanym Ultima Thule. Wiara Greków, że istnieje tam jakiś ląd lub morze wynikała z poglądów, że Ziemia jest kulą.

Od VIII wieku na morzach północnych pojawiają się liczne łodzie żeglarzy skandynawskich. Z kronik mnichów irlandzkich można się dowiedzieć, że już w IX wieku pojawili się oni na Islandii i powstało tam szybko rozwijające się miasto – Reykjavik. Ze względu na bardzo licznie przybywających Wikingów nad wody Islandzkie bardzo bogate w ławice ryb dla utrzymania porządku wprowadzono surowe prawo: kto nie umie żyć z innymi skazany jest na wygnanie. Taki los spotkał Eryka Rudego. Został wygnany na trzy lata. Na niewielkiej łodzi dopłynął do nieznanych mu brzegów. Kiedy po trzech latach wrócił na Islandię opowiadał wszystkim o tym nowym lądzie nazwanym przez niego Grönland, czyli Zielonym Lądem w odróżnieniu od Białego (Lodowego) Lądu (Iceland). W obszarze przybrzeżnym Grenlandia była w tamtych czasach najprawdopodobniej bardziej porośnięta tundrą stąd też taka nazwa mogła mieć i w tym odzwierciedlenie. Udało mu się namówić grupę Wikingów na osiedlenie się na tym nowym lądzie. Pomimo zimy trwającej 10 miesięcy rozwija się kilka osad w południowo-zachodniej i zachodniej części Grenlandii (w rejonie współczesnej osady Julianenhaab). Wiek XI i XII to wiek wielkiego rozkwitu gospodarczego osad Wikingów w tym rejonie. Skóry zwierząt polarnych, kły morsów sprzedawane są w Europie a z niej przywożone drzewo i inne niezbędne materiały do życia. W tym samym czasie Wikingowie pływają także w inne rejony. Najprawdopodobniej jednemu z nich, Leifowi Szczęśliwemu (syn Eryka Rudego) udaje się dopłynąć do Ameryki w rejonie Labradoru. Wiek XIII przynosi koniec przebywania Wikingów na Grenalndii. Złe kontakty handlowe z Europą, epidemia czarnej ospy z Norwegii zawleczona na statkach, zacięte walki z Eskimosami dziesiątkują i wypierają Wikingów z tego rejonu.

Średniowiecze to w zdobywaniu informacji o świecie czas zacofania. Twierdzenia o płaskiej ziemi, baśnie o krajach gdzie cały czas pali słońce oraz takie gdzie nigdy go nie ma powodują, że ludzie po jakimś czasie zasiedlają daleka północ dziwnymi stworami. Na szczęście nie trwa to aż tak długo a wraz z rozpowszechnieniem się żagli i wynalazkiem busoli w ludziach pojawia się ponownie duch wielkich podróży. Mobilizuje je poszukiwanie możliwości handlu ze wschodem. Nadchodzi więc czas wielkich odkryć oraz niezwykłych podróży Marco Polo, Krzysztofa Kolumba, Vasco da Gama, Fernando Magellan i wielu innych. Hiszpania i Portugalia stają się wielkimi potęgami morskimi i w 1493 roku papież Aleksander VI aby utrzymać pokojowe stosunki dzieli nowo odkryte ziemie między te dwa państwa (bulia Linea di mercatione). Od tej chwili państwa te nakładają wysokie podatki na statki które płyną po ich wodach po towary wschodu. Jak ktoś nie chce ich płacić to stawiany jest pod trybunałem Świętej Inkwizycji. Na dodatek pojawia się jakby globalna gorączka złota. Pobudziła ona Anglików i Holendrów do nowych wypraw morskich. Jako, że drogi od południa są we władaniu Hiszpanii i Portugalii to zaczynają coraz częściej patrzeć na północ, na Mare Congelatum. Jako, że Ziemia jest kulą to najkrótsze drogi do Azji powinny być właśnie tam. Rozpoczyna się wiec nowy etap odkryć w Arktyce – poszukiwanie Przejścia Północno-Wschodniego oraz Przejścia Północno-Zachodniego.